Wholesale Custom Box Tent With Led Light

We have more than 5 years of experiences in grow tent business. We produce all kinds of grow tent and accessories in our own factory and can customize it with customers. Our products which satisfy the needs of customers in their target market.

Product Details

        Wholesale custom box tent with led light

Greenfilm  Product Advantage:

1) Corresponding Certificate Qualified.

2) Professional Product Testing Before Delivery.

3) Various Collocation Kits Available.

4) Superb Customer Service System.

5) Excellent GLOBAL Market Client Supply Chain.


GREENFILM has various kinds of Grow Tent Complete Kits with customizable accessories, you are Always welcome to send us a detailed inquiry to get prompt feedback & detailed quotation & SINOWELL Catalogue from us !

Mylar  indoor grow tents


Indoor grow tents are great! Growers have using indoor grow tents and greenhouse for many years as highly effective and convenient solution for housing your growing environment. The main advantages for using grow tent are:


Light- tents are lined with a highly reflective mylar material reflecting up to 95% of the light, so you get the absolute most out of your grow lights with the least amount of wastage.


Air Flow & temperature -keep your environment contained, ventilated and filtered with mutiple intake and out take vent holes,allowing your to attach air fans, filters and ducting very easily, helping to keep your grow environment at optimal temperature and CO2 levels whilst reducting lingering odors.


Discreet - Grow tents are nearly 100% light proof, helping to avoid unsightly HPS&MH LIGHT rays escaping, With the easy addition of air filters ( eg Carbon), eliminating unwanted odors becomes a breeze, making for the ideal discreet growing environment.


Easy setup- Erect your grow tent within minutes, Pack down within minutes, and move to a new location with the least amount of hassle. The convenience and portability is unmatched.


Our grow tents use the latest technology and materials for a strong reliable indoor grow setup whether your are growing with soil or a hydroponic setup


1. Highly reflective non-toxic thermally protected mylar inside Logo available


2. Durable 600D canvas housing. Close to 100% lightproof


3. 16 MM Metal poles for  a sturday structure, strong plastic corner and steel cornor optional 


4.Waterproof floor lining


5. Mutiple intake & exhaust holes


6. Strong zips Logo Available


Grow in confidence by investing in your highly efficient ultra portable grow tent!

∂Led Grow Light Advantage:

· 1000W Powerful Lights:Double Chips 5W double Chips LEDs which is much brighter and efficient than 1W and 3W LEDs. Energy saving, just consumes about 110w-120w power. High brightness and Long lifespan.

· UV function sterilizes growth and kills bacteria which seriously influence plants growth and ability to produce abundant healthy flowers. The IR function promotes cell division which improves growth in both vegetation and flowering phases. This can increase yield to a certain degree

· Professional spectrum provided by over 8 years researching and producing grow lights experience manufacturer partners. The optimal spectrum which provides plants Veg and Flower all stages with everything they desire in the natural sunlight.

· Overheat Protection:Two cooling fans in every kit, keep the lights working longer.And every led has a resistance to keep them work separately.


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