Indoor Hydroponic Complete Grow Tent Greenhouse Kit Factory Supplier

150x150x200cm grow tent is useful for the marijuana。We aslo supply the grow tent kits together

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Planting special tents for indoor use in conjunction with plant lights is now the most

 popular planting method in foreign countries. It is not affected by the seasons. Plants

 and fruits can be grown in cold or lack of sunlight. It can reduce the number of mosquitoes destroying plants.Grow tent kit is very essential for the indoor grow tent.


7 Advantages to using a Grow Tent

Adaptable – Use as a hydroponic grow tent, marijuana grow tent, seedling grow tent, cloning grow tent, or whatever else may benefit from this enclosed growing environment.

Fewer Pests – Grow tents decrease the likelihood of pests invading your plants. Insect infestations – such as flies, aphids, spider mites, and bugs – can wreak havoc on your crops. Grow tents can keep these issues to a minimum. They can also help safeguard against children, pets, or toxic contaminants entering into the garden space.

Energy Efficient – The best grow tents and best marijuana tents are designed with power performance and efficiency in mind. Because they are an enclosed environment, you are able to maximize your gardening energy without wasting resources. This concentrated energy results in higher yields.

Optimal Lighting – Most grow tents are lined with Mylar, a highly-reflective, heat-resistant, polyester resin material. This feature maximizes the effects of grow lights, as light completely surrounds plants from all angles.

Reduces odors – Containing odors is especially useful to cannabis growers. Marijuana grow tents – and grow tents, in general – confine odors within its walls. Using a carbon filter can further minimize the smell of weed. They work by purifying air within the grow tent, then releasing odorless air outside of the tent.

Package in 7 layer carton



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