Why Should You Even Use A Grow Tent?

- May 22, 2018-

The tent is the perfect answer for your issue. An independent growing environment, equipped for delivering astounding gathers all year. Utilizing a grow tent rearranges keeping up the perfect environment for your plants.

Great quality indoor grow tents accompany numerous components including, wind stream outlets to take into account hot air extraction and all your cabling needs. Hanging bars are accommodated hanging lights, fans and channels and duct . Most cutting edge tents are lined with non-harmful Mylar with 95% reflectivity instead of some more seasoned growing chambers which have a white PVC lining. This sort of coating has been known not off gasses unsafe to plants. The best material grow tents can be produced from is Oxford fabric which is extremely solid. This material is best as it doesnt split or wear because of the high temperatures

Running a tent simplifies indoor soil and hydroponic gardening. It allows you to grow crops all year long regardless of the seasons because youre able to control the growing environment completely. This means better harvests, more organized growing, and fewer problems with pests and diseases.

On a more technical note, there are two important reasons that make setting up a grow tent the ideal choice when running an indoor garden:

Efficient Use of Space & Total Environmental Control

Having a grow tent eases up many of the concerns related to growing tent  indoors, like building a grow room and organizing that space. On top of that, grow tents allow you to have different growing environments in the same room right next to each other if you want! It doesnt get much better than that.

Grow tents provide an ideal environment for your plants, especially if youre a hydroponic grower. Since they allow for a cleaner environment than the usual outdoor setup, hydroponics is especially suitable for grow tents.

Havent tried growing hydroponically yet? Ive got a whole section on hydroponics! Heres a quick introduction to how the basic hydroponic systems work so you can choose the one you like best:

Types of Hydroponic Systems and How to Choose The Right One For You

Ease of Use and Simplification of Gardening

With a grow tent, you:

No longer have to actually build a grow room

Can set up and transport your growing environment easily

Save money compared to a grow room

Can deconstruct and entire setup in just minutes

Grow tents also simplify the use of other growing equipment. For instance, quality grow tents come with a variety of ports that fit different sizes of ventilation fans, built in holders for grow lights, holes for the wires, waterproof floor trays, reflective coating on the inside to improve light utilization, light proof heavy duty exteriors, windows and much more.