Where Is The Vitality Of Creative Agriculture

- Jun 28, 2017-

In recent years, "creative agriculture" as a new form of agricultural industry and management, in our country has been rapid development, many places have competed to "dig" ideas, projects, hoping to attract tourists, improve agricultural output. However, there are a lot of places, the idea has, the project, but not to open the market, not to keep up with the service, or because of the beginning of the creative imitation of the trend, lack of characteristics, ultimately not the market recognition. Some experts said that the current British, German and other European countries creative agriculture development momentum is very good, because they not only regard creative agriculture as a new mode of production, but also as a new way of life full of cultural connotation and originality, while China's development of creative agriculture stays in the concept, there are still many deficiencies in cultural content and product innovation. In fact, from Beijing, Shanghai and other large and medium-sized cities in recent years to develop creative agriculture experience, industrial high integration is the creative agricultural construction to achieve the fundamental way.

Creative agriculture is a comprehensive industry, is the natural landscape as the carrier, combined with cultural elements, the use of scientific and technological means to achieve crop varieties, gardening, gardening techniques to the farms, farms, pastures for creative design, the agricultural industry and local culture, nature, ecology, tourism resources to carry out creative combination, so as to achieve the scene park style, leisure and entertainment goals. Therefore, the guiding ideology of creative agriculture is to cultivate agricultural production and cultural creative activities with characteristic agricultural products and park as its carrier according to the requirements of industrialization development.