Ventilation Management Of Plant Planting Tent

- Jan 09, 2019-

First, the different arches, the size of the vent

The size of the spring tuyere cannot be defined entirely by a single data, because the structure of the greenhouse is different and the time and speed of cooling are different. Large canopy, because the canopy camber is suitable, hot air flow is easy along the top of the shed film, even if the small vent, can also get better effect. And the growing length of the low old shed, because the large canopy arch is small, flat surface, the heat flow in the shed from the vent of the speed of the mouth is slow, the temperature in the canopy is high. Usually, such a large shed will open the top of the vent to 40 centimeters wide, only with the height of the larger canopy, large awning open to 30 centimeters of the same effect.

Second, the spring should pay attention to ventilation

In the morning, 1 hours after the opening of the shed 3-5 centimeters around the wind, the purpose is to release moisture in the Shed, while supplementing the carbon dioxide in the greenhouse, for the smooth photosynthesis of supplementary raw materials. When the greenhouse temperature rises to 28 Shan above, will open the vent gradually, keep the temperature in the shed not more than 33 Shan (for Cucumber, loofah, such as warm vegetables).

Three, spring windy, lookout for wind

To increase the density of the rope, and the best use of a wide range of friction rope, this cloth in the knot in the fixed film, friction, the slip knot is not easily blown loose. Many vegetable farmers chart convenient use of nylon as a windproof rope, because the friction is small, the vegetable grower should suitably increase the density of nylon rope, and fixed it, in case the tuyere is blown by wind. At the same time, vegetable growers should also pay attention in the gale weather at any time to check, to prevent the loosening of the rope, Tuyere closed.