Smart Greenhouse Tent

- Jun 28, 2017-

It is well known that intelligent greenhouse is a kind of agricultural facility which provides suitable environment for winter vegetable growth. However, in a long overcast or low temperature of the weather environment, the need for intelligent greenhouse to be properly insulated.

But the thermal insulation measures are more complicated, there is no heating in the building of intelligent greenhouse, the prevention of vegetable frostbite measures?

One, the cultivation of heat-producing soil. Chicken manure is hot feces, cow dung is a rich mucus of breathable manure, both of them after 20%, mixed with yang soil 60%, such nutrient soil endothermic heat performance, seedling ecological environment good, root number and long, absorption ability, plant natural frost-resistant strong.

Second, nutrition nursery. The black plastic Nutrition has the daytime endothermic, the night protects the root function, in the Yang to put on the plastic nutrition seedling, the outside temperature-10 Shan about, the furrow inside temperature in 6e, the nutrition inside temperature in 10 Shan, the seedling can grow slowly, does not suffer the frost damage.

Third, the cultivation of heat preservation cold. The ground is compacted, the daytime hot air enters the topsoil to be limited, the soil storage heat is few, combined with the compaction soil crack big and deep, the pellet structure is poor, before midnight is easy to lose the heat, the late night room temperature is low, easily causes the frost The ground can be broken by shallow cultivation, which can not only control groundwater transpiration and take away heat, but also can keep moisture and heat seedlings.