Setting Up A Grow Tent Area | Step By Step

- Sep 16, 2019-

As soon as you chose your vicinity, dedicated an electric powered breaker, and figured your watering method…

Calculate the substances and fees for system and accessories (reference your blueprint).

Ensure the room is obvious of something you’re not the use of for your develop location. this means any furnishings, curtains, pets, rugs, desks, and so on..

Whether hydroponics or soil, set up the system and determine the spacing on your pots or buckets. make sure you depart yourself sufficient room to work in and round them.

Designate a place for vitamins, spare develop light bulbs, pruning shears, and different add-ons. i love to keep mine in a plastic storage container.

Find a spot for your grow location to place the grow tent. if you’re planning on arduous or pulling air from an outdoor source (or both), do not forget a window or a crawl space from the roof. vicinity your grow tent close to the exhaust/consumption locations, that is an crucial aspect to recall whilst you start installing your develop tent system.