Plant Tent Matters Needing Attention And Maintenance

- Jun 28, 2017-


1. In the large shed, must pay attention to their own safety, wearing helmets, book and so on.

2. During the use of the shed, it is important to clear the sun plate of the canopy to ensure the light transmittance of the solar panels.

Maintenance matters:

1. In the cleaning of composite awning board, should use 50 degrees Celsius of warm water cleaning.

2. When cleaning, must use the neutral detergent, avoids to the compound awning board corrosion.

3. Should use the soft dishcloth or the sea surface to clean, should not use the hard brush, or the wire ball, avoids scratches the compound awning board.

4. After cleaning, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the residual detergent on the composite awning board, no obvious water stains or detergent traces.