Plant Planting Tent Quality Control

- Jun 28, 2017-

With the continuous progress of society, the traditional agricultural production mode can not meet the needs of modern civilization development, and the new type of facility agriculture has been sought after by the industry. The so-called agricultural equipment, in fact, is mainly greenhouse facilities, it is not limited by time and space, can be in the plateau, mountains, deserts and other special environment for agricultural production.

China is a large agricultural country, farmers accounted for more than half of the total population, agricultural innovation and application of space has unlimited, the agricultural equipment industry from behind the scenes to the stage. Throughout the domestic greenhouse industry, large and medium-sized enterprises are uneven, landing the quality of greenhouse projects are also very different.

In order to allow the intentional development of the organizational units of agricultural facilities, can better choose the Greenhouse Project service provider, the greenhouse industry has done a systematic investigation, the greenhouse Project quality control mainly divided into material control, technical control, construction control, after-sale control four aspects.

Materials as the source of Greenhouse Project project, should be good project quality clearance, first of all from the selection of materials to close. For example, the greenhouse projects used in steel components, high-quality steel processing derusting, in the professional galvanizing plant after the hot-dip, quality Inspection Department to detect, after the test will be shipped to the site for use. Sex tent, a variety of ornamental tents, retail tents, wholesale tents and other goods are commercial tents.