Plant Planting Tent Main Device

- Jun 28, 2017-

An indoor tent cultivation device comprises a planting trough, a water supply system, a temperature control system, an auxiliary illumination system and a humidity controlling system; The water supply system automatically and timely supply moisture; The temperature control system includes a ventilator, a heat fan, a temperature sensor and a thermostat system to adjust the temperatures in a timely manner; The auxiliary illumination system includes a plant lamp and a reflector, which is installed in the periphery of the planting trough to provide illumination in the absence of daylight. And the refraction of light to show a beautiful landscape, humidity control system with the exhaust fan to adjust humidity and reduce indoor temperature.

The tent is the construction of the plant for planting in the season of winter or other unsuitable open field plants, as all or part of the enclosure material.

Tent function Classification According to the final use function of the greenhouse, it can be divided into productive tent, test (education) tent and commercial greenhouse which allow the public to enter. Vegetable cultivation Tent, flower cultivation tent, culture tent and so on all belong to the productive greenhouse, the artificial climate room, the tent laboratory and so on belong to the Experiment (education) Sex tent, all kinds of ornamental tent, retail tent, commodity wholesale tent, etc. belong to commercial tent.