Placemat Function

- Nov 23, 2018-

As for the material of the placemat, there are only cotton and linen and logs. At the moment, the technology is developed, and people are paying more and more attention to environmental protection. Therefore, there are more and more kinds of material mats, various kinds of placemats. There will be different advantages and different textures. There will also be different combinations and different performances on the table. Now it has become a part of the restaurant and home furnishings, conveying a beautiful and quality life.

In the final analysis, the biggest effect is cushioning, which means that the direct contact between the tableware and the tabletop is eliminated, especially for western food. The sharp cutlery and fork need to be placed directly on the table. If it is a valuable original wooden table, long-term direct contact is sure. It will leave unsightly traces on the desktop. Even the marble can't survive the collisions over the years. At the same time, if the desktop is very hard, it will increase the possibility of expensive porcelain tableware breaking.

The second is the anti-slip effect, preventing the bottom of the porcelain or glass tableware from coming into direct contact with the smooth tabletop, and the oily water that may be spilled during the meal causes the slip to be damaged.

In addition, the placemat is placed in the dining area, which can also effectively reduce the stains dropped on the table when eating, reducing the cleaning pressure.