How To Use Grow Tent And Led Light To Grow Marijuana And Cultivation

- Jan 09, 2019-

How To use grow tent and led light to Grow Marijuana And Cultivation?

By now, you should have done plenty of reading on growing, and setup your room or closet, as seen in Step 1: Equipment & Setup. In Step 2 I am covering growing and cultivation. Now, with seeds or clones in hand, you are ready to get started!

Indoor grow tent with many custimized size

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If you are in an area with legal marijuana, the easiest way to get started is with a clone. There are several advantages to using a clone is that the plant is guaranteed to be female (only females produce bud, and one male mixed in with your females can make your whole crop produce less bud and more seeds, instead of producing the huge buds you want.)

A clone is also an exact copy of its mother, so if it comes from a hybrid, you will get the same phenotype. Seeds from a hybrid may show dominant traits of either parent, or a mix of the two. Once you start your crop, taking clones from your best plants is the best way to save money on seeds, and have a constant supply of the same type of bud.

Seeds are not going to sprout 100% of the time, and if you don’t know the source, you could have a type of weed you weren’t expecting.


Led light with 300w-1500w

Veg Stage: How To Train Your Plant For Massive Yields!

Growing indoors allows you to control exactly how long your plant stays in the vegetative state. Outdoors, plants will automatically change from veg to flower as the days get shorter in the fall.

As long as you give your plants 18+ hours of good light, they will veg. Some growers choose to give 24 hours of light, with no dark period, to speed up growth. Plants are tough in this stage. Keep the temperature between 70 – 85 F.

Water after the soil is dry over an inch and a half down. Make sure water drains well, check ph of water with nuts added. Nutes at half strength. Plenty of air circulation.

grow p2 inverse How To Grow Marijuana Step 2: Growing And Cultivation

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When a plant grows, it reaches for the light. If your lights are too far away, your plants will stretch, becoming lanky. Tall slender plants are harder to keep in the green zone (not too close, not too far from light). The more of the plant that is in this zone, the bigger buds it will produce from the energy it gets. Why have a skinny tree with one big bud at the top when you can have a stout bush with several huge colas (buds)?

Reflector hoods on your lights, and light that spreads out, like metal halide and flourescents, helps make a sticky plant, but sometimes genetics make the task hard. Sativas are naturally tall and lean, and hybrids with Sativas in their pedigree can also show these traits. The last thing you want is a plant outgrowing it’s lights, especially in a small grow.

When cannabis switches from veg to flower, it can double it’s height (or triple, with some Sativas), so keep an eye on height. To get the most bud from your crop, and your space, you need to train your plants to grow how you want them to.