How To Make Dry Herbs

- Dec 17, 2018-

Dry food is a relatively easy and inexpensive way to preserve the product, especially for herbal herbs. It's also a great way to adopt a simpler, healthier, and more environmentally friendly lifestyle, because dry herbs can retain more vitamins and minerals without any chemical additives.

It is important to harvest herbs at the right time. In most cases, the leaves provide the taste of the herbs and should be picked before the flowers develop. In the early morning after the dew evaporates, harvest them on warm, dry days. (Use DIY herbal markers made of softwood to make harvesting easier!) It is best to pick and prepare an herb for drying each time. Discard any damaged or diseased leaves. Peel off large leaf herbs such as sage and mint from the stem. But leave the small feather herb on the stem until the drying is complete.

Effective drying relies more on sufficient dry, fresh air than heat. No matter which drying method you choose, it is ideal for a well-ventilated place in direct sunlight.