How Amazing Is The LED Plant Light?

- Dec 04, 2018-

For the development of plant lights, we rely on the system of solar radiation and plant photosynthesis. Therefore, for the LED light source, it is also necessary to start from the spectral analysis of the LED. It can be seen that the waveform of each wavelength is single smooth and has no other clutter. The wave morphology is close to the peak wavelength form of plant photosynthesis, and can provide multiple bands. The combination.

According to the characteristics of the absorption spectrum of different plants, the LEDs of different wavelengths are combined in proportion to form a multi-band artificial radiation source. The combination of wavelength and the amount of radiation are related to plant species, and the radiation energy of LEDs of different wavelengths It is related to the radiation characteristics of the LED itself. The radiation efficiency of the LED is related to the quality of the packaging factory. Physical analysis is required to determine the matching combination.

The spectrum of the LED plant lamp is similar to that of the plant pigment absorption spectrum, but the LED plant lamp can not be imitated by the pigment absorption spectrum, which needs to be referenced by the Mokley curve and scientific experiments.