- Jun 28, 2017-

Greenhouse。 A facility for the cultivation of plants by light, heat, or heating. In the unsuitable plant growth season, can provide the greenhouse growing period and increase the yield, many use in the low-temperature season warm vegetables, flowers, trees and other plant cultivation or nursery. Many kinds of greenhouses, according to different roof truss materials, daylighting materials, shape and heating conditions can be divided into many kinds.

The types of greenhouses include planting greenhouses, breeding greenhouses, exhibition greenhouse, experimental greenhouse, catering greenhouse, entertainment greenhouse, etc. the greenhouse system design includes the warming up system, the heat preservation system, the cooling system, the ventilation system, the control system, the irrigation system and so on; the canopy is just a simple plastic film and skeleton knot, its internal facilities are few, no greenhouse requirements. So strictly speaking, greenhouse equipment is more demanding than the greenhouses, it may use more advanced instruments to strictly control temperature.

But broadly speaking, greenhouses are a kind of greenhouse. Its purpose is also to maintain a certain temperature.