Deep Analysis Of Conditions Required For Plant Growth

- Dec 28, 2018-

Before you understand how plants are cultivated, you must first understand the conditions necessary for plant growth. Of course, the sun, the air and the water are indispensable, but how much sunshine and how much water is needed, this requires your attention.


The most needed condition for plants is the sun. In addition to the sun, it also needs the combination of multiple conditions such as air, temperature and humidity, and moisture to grow healthily. For newcomers who want to learn about horticulture, before going to the flower market, you may want to go outdoors and observe the plants. Strange, these plants are not taken care of, why are they growing very well? In fact, as long as the environmental conditions are good, plants are easy to grow healthily.

Observe which plants are all in the sun? What are the shades of the trees? When did the plants on the wall get the sun? This will allow you to further find out how the plants grow in different places. You will be more aware of the growth conditions required for plants.


Sunshine: It is the most important key to plant growth. Therefore, the stalk degree determines the environment in the home.

Temperature: The plant has its own suitable temperature for growth. Most of the plants commonly found in the home are tropical plants, and special attention must be paid to the cold current.


Moisture: Some plants are drought-tolerant, and some prefer adequate water. They must be adjusted according to plant habits.