Classification Of EVA Products

- Oct 10, 2019-

EVA products can be subdivided into sponge, high foam, rubber, EPE, EVA, PU and other foaming products.

According to the process flow can be divided into: grinding, cold/hot pressing, stamping, silk screen, injection molding and other products,

Sports equipment: grip grinding products, EVA sponge hot pressing, cold pressing shaped products and all kinds of material stamping products, such as all kinds of fishing tackle products, foam ball, handle, toy rocket, toy knife and gun, EVA silk screen jigsaw, wheel, pad, packing box, etc.

EVA products are widely used in electronic appliances, sports equipment, automobile industry, toys, arts and crafts gifts, packaging and other industries.

Stationery gifts: EVA pen case, EVA letter, EVA block, EVA book, EVA jigsaw, EVA smileface, EVA seal, sponge mitsubishi, sponge cylinder, pearl cotton cylinder;

Life appliance: EVA mirrors, picture frames, EVA EVA measuring scale, EVA cup sets, EVA key chain, EVA MATS, EVA slippers, EVA flip flops, EVA door card, EVA stools, EVA packing box, EVA hat, EVA cloven, EVA nail file, EVA washing water polo, EVA yoga pillows, EVA MATS, PU football key chain, PU basketball key ring, rubber wheel locks, clean ball sponge, bath sponge

Ball toys: EVA bowling, EVA ball, EVA foam ball, high foam ball, the secondary foam ball, foam ball, EVA ball, EVA mini ball, EVA toys, EVA antenna ball, EVA ball, EVA rainbow ball, EVA camouflage, EVA grin ball, EVA elastic ball, PU basketball, PU football, PU nappa, PU golf, tennis, PU PU basketball, baseball, rubber rubber basketball, rubber tennis, rubber ball, rubber toy ball, bowling, rubber sponge ball, sponge football

Toy accessories: EVA handle, EVA foam tube, EVA wheel, rubber handle, rubber wheel, pearl cotton handle, pearl cotton foam tube fishing tools: EVA fishing coil, EVA fishing drift