The misunderstanding of vegetable planting in greenhouse

- Jun 27, 2017-

Midu vegetable Planting has a long history, large acreage, rich varieties, products are exported to all over the country, known as the kingdom of vegetables reputation. In recent years, Midu County, the government to increase the development of vegetable industry, around the vegetable industry, strengthen the guidance of science and technology training, in order to improve the economic benefits of vegetable greenhouses, greenhouse vegetable cultivation to go out of six misunderstandings, can be high-yielding income.

Myth One: More fertilization, more output

Many vegetable growers fertilize their greenhouses in a greenhouse, in order to produce more. In fact, vegetable fertilization is very easy to cause fertilizer. Solution: One is planted after 3 years of greenhouse, chicken, cow dung control within 2,500 kilograms, chemical fertilizer reduction of about 50%. Second, the whole salt concentration of the plot, pay attention to the application of cow dung, humic acid fertilizer and EM bacteria fertilizer, to improve soil carbon and nitrogen ratio, loose earth breathable, salt to reduce fertilizer harm. The third is to add boron, zinc, magnesium fertilizer, balance soil nutrition, reduce investment, and strive for sustained high yield conditions.

Myth number two: retention of seedlings, high yield

Many vegetable growers tend to stay in the seedlings more often, thinking that the seedlings can be more productive. In fact, due to low temperature in winter, weak light, poor photosynthesis, less carbohydrate synthesis, so only reasonable density can yield. Solution: First, the overwintering of vegetables to reasonable planting as good. Second, in order to make full use of space, can take early planting, medium sparse plant, late Shing management methods, to shoots not crowding, to improve total production and total benefit.

Myth Three: High temperature, grow fast

In fact, vegetables have a ceiling on temperature requirements, generally 25. High temperature, respiratory function, body movement, physiological activity disorder, plant length, nutrition and reproductive growth imbalance, yield will decline. Solution: First, the greenhouse set up two air vent, timely cooling; second, according to all kinds of vegetables in the growing period of temperature and various organs of the appropriate temperature requirements management, to prevent the high temperature long vine.