The amount of tent in the shed rises yearly

- Jun 27, 2017-

At present, our country's agricultural tent product quality is stable and qualified, energy saving and consumption reduction work has been paid attention. The main problems existing in the tent industry are as follows: One is the relative excess of production capacity, the other is the small scale, low level and poor ability to resist risk. Third, the product structure is not reasonable, low-grade product share as high as 50%;

As far as the field is concerned, plastic greenhouses and ground cover are the two major application markets of the current awning tent.

In recent years, in addition to the increase in production, a group of high-end product development has made breakthroughs in the world's advanced level. At the same time, the product structure has been further optimized, the variety continues to expand.

In recent years, the production of tents with a long life, drip, heat preservation, fog, bacteria, light, high transmittance and other functions of the single layer, multi-layer composite tent Tents are complete, good performance; The tent is adapted to different regions, special tents for different crops have been expanding varieties, with warming, heat preservation, light transfer, drip, weeding, pest control and other functions of the tent, for melons, vegetables, flowers, sugarcane, tobacco, cotton and other special tents, as well as a variety of spot color, color, punching, Micro-hole and other multi-functional tents have been entered the market, has been widely used and achieved good results.

In a word, the amount of tents in the canopy is rising year after generation, which is indisputable fact, but also to the large tent manufacturers brought the opportunity.