Soilless Culture Technology

- Jun 28, 2017-

(i) strong crop growth and high yield

The combination of soilless culture and intelligent greenhouse can rationally adjust the environment conditions of crop growth, such as light, temperature, water, gas and fertilizer, and it is a new technology of saving water and fertilizer, which can give full play to the growth potential of crops.

(ii) Provincial water, fertilizer, labor-saving, provincial workers

Soilless culture can avoid soil irrigation, nutrient loss and leakage, and soil microbial absorption and utilization, and improve utilization efficiency.

(iii) The lack of pests and diseases can avoid the obstacles of soil continuous cropping. Reduce the use of pesticides, more healthy green.

(d) Greatly expand agricultural production space, in the intelligent greenhouse can develop multi-layer stereoscopic cultivation, make full use of space.

(v) in favor of the modernization of agricultural production, greenhouse construction of the modern intelligent greenhouse and supporting equipment, and vigorously promote the process of modern agriculture in China.