Scientific drip Irrigation

- Jun 28, 2017-

The most notable feature of drip irrigation is the small amount of irrigation, which is 2-12 litres per hour, therefore, the duration of irrigation is longer, the period of irrigation is short, small water recharge can be carried out; the required work pressure is low, can more accurately control the amount of irrigation, can reduce the ineffective evaporation of the trees, will not lead to waste; and drip irrigation can also be automated management. 

Installation of drip irrigation system, it is best to ensure that each section of the control area is not more than half an acre, pay attention to the ground should be smooth contact with the hose, so as to keep the flow unobstructed. The holes in the dropper belt are usually upward-laid and covered with plastic mulch, and can be laid down with a drip hole if not covered with mulch. In order to prevent sediment and other impurities in the tube accumulation caused by blockage, we should release the drip irrigation belt and the tail of the supervisor, increase flow flushing. When the rotation is removed, the equipment is kept in a cool place.