Prospects of vegetable planting in greenhouse

- Jun 27, 2017-

Vegetables are indispensable food for people's lives, because vegetables contain a variety of nutrients, is the main source of inorganic salts and vitamins, especially in the absence of milk and fruit in the diet, vegetables appear particularly important. Vegetables contain carbohydrate, vitamin C, carotene more. The content of vitamin C in tomato is very rich, and it contains a lot of viscosity, glycine, pumpkin contains melon, arginine, balsam pear contains balsam pear glycoside, S-hydroxy amine and a variety of amino acids, eggplant contains a very rich vitamin p. Fresh beans vegetables are mainly green beans, lentils, broad bean, broad bean, mung bean, peas, cowpea and so on, such vegetables contain plant protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and inorganic salts than other vegetables high. Vitamin content to B vitamins higher, vitamin B content most. Leafy vegetables, especially dark, green vegetables, such as spinach, leek, celery and other nutritional value of the highest. Mainly contains vitamin C, vitamin B and carotene, and contains more folic acid and choline, inorganic salts are rich in content, especially iron and magnesium content is higher. We can see the role of vegetables in our lives, to seize this opportunity is your unique vision.

In order to give you a better grasp of the seedling facilities and equipment needed for vegetable plant breeding, seedling substrate and nutrition formula, the contents of seed vigor and seed treatment, seedling environment and control, seedling physiology and seedling cultivation, seedling grafting technique, main vegetable tray seedling technique and seedling pest control were introduced comprehensively, and the significance, foreground and industrialization of vegetable plant breeding were expounded.