Irrigation technology of water seepage in tent vegetables

- Jun 28, 2017-

The use of water irrigation in greenhouse vegetable irrigation, there are many drawbacks, such as large water consumption, serious disease, lower room temperature, influence vegetable quality and so on, as people require to eat more safe and nutritious high quality vegetables, the new water irrigation technology has been adopted by more and more vegetable farmers.

The experiment of seepage irrigation for tent vegetables has been popularized for several years, and remarkable economic benefits have been achieved.

Tent greenhouse vegetables drip, infiltration irrigation (collectively, micro-irrigation), mainly has the following advantages:

1, can reduce indoor air relative humidity of about 20%.

2, the use of micro-irrigation almost does not cause ground temperature decline, conducive to crop growth.

3, micro Irrigation can also be combined with fertilization, fertilizer directly to the root of the crop to improve the utilization rate of fertilizers.

4, reduce the humidity in the shed, can greatly reduce vegetable pests and diseases.

5, micro-irrigation than flood irrigation water-saving 50% 90%, energy-saving 30%.

6, micro-water irrigation, fewer diseases and pests, drug use is less, food and vegetables safe and good quality.

7, the use of micro-irrigation, greenhouse vegetables can increase income 30% 100%.