Intelligent Greenhouse Shading System

- Jun 28, 2017-

In order to improve the adaptability of the system, it can be extended to most of the solar greenhouses built in the Northwest region, this system uses a cable-driven mechanism. Its working principle is that the motor drives the drive shaft to operate, and on the drive shaft the tight line sleeve drives the drive line to turn the circular motion into a straight line motion. The aluminum drive card connected with the driving line is driven by a cross link to drive the side aluminum profile to move parallel to the screen line, driving the side aluminum profile to pull the curtain at one end slowly unfold, gather, all unfold namely, respectively touches open, closes the limit device switch, the motor stops, runs the end.

Advanced Design

The entire Sunshade insulation system uses a fully enclosed structure: the top is the internal shading system, the south façade is the side of the curtain system, the east façade is the lateral roll mo system, the other two are solar greenhouse gable and back wall, forming a fully enclosed space, insulation effect is obvious.

The internal shading system can improve the ecological environment in the solar greenhouse by adjusting the illumination. Summer can protect crops from strong light burns, while reducing the temperature of sunlight greenhouse 3; During the winter night, the inner sunshade curtain can effectively prevent the infrared ray from escaping, reduce the surface radiation heat loss, and effectively improve the nighttime temperature of the solar greenhouse.