Development process of Ecological Park

- Jun 28, 2017-

What is the development process of the ecological park? The ecological park is present in the city, this is aimed at the urban ecological environment treatment of the decline of a measure taken to improve some of the ecology of the city, the development of the ecological park has been a lot of time, its development process is more meaningful, then the development of the ecological park is what? And then we'll get to know each other.

Eco-Park refers to the sustainable development of the city under the guidance of thought, in view of the declining environmental quality in the process of urbanization, the paper emphasizes the infiltration and systematicness of Greenbelt to the city, establishes the green Corridor by using biology and ecology law, and guides the city's spatial layout with the natural-humanistic landscape.

At that time, the ecological food and beverage in northern China to obtain a very good economic benefits: the North should be climate reasons, the city green area is small, four seasons warm and clear, vegetation viewing period is relatively short, unable to form a long-term stable green natural environment, but the ecological park for people to create a natural space. Because of the natural factors, the ecological park developed in the north, forming a characteristic dining pattern.